Science of Spirituality Online

5 Module training designed with the highest teachings so that you can eliminate stress and understand how to master yourself. "Significant and truthful"


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The Science of Spiritualiy, taught by founder of Illumination Academy™, Kisma Orbovich  is designed for YOU if you want to finally create and live a life of true purpose, positivity and peace. 

You will be guided through 5 Modules that are significant in today's understanding of what spirituality is so that you can have a higher level of objectivity and be less affected by the ups and downs and all arounds of the world.

This is perfect for YOU if you are seeking ot know and understand who you are and why you are here.

What her students have to say...

"Kisma expertly teaches the meaning of spirituality and how significant it is in our lives. I usually end up bored with online courses, but this one held my attention all the way through. It is designed as a life long system of deep understanding of your life." -Anne

"The depth of insight and teachings in this course is above and beyond what I expected. In fact module one, on it's own, is worth the tuition!" -Kate